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Diagnosis and maintenance of pneumatic solenoid valve

- Jul 20, 2018 -

Pneumatic control reversing valve

The air pressure control directional control valve uses the gas pressure to move the main spool to change the flow direction of the gas. According to the different control methods, it is divided into three types: pressure control, pressure relief control and differential pressure control. Pressurization control means that the applied control signal pressure is gradually increased. When the air pressure is increased to the operating pressure of the spool, the main valve is reversed; the pressure relief control means that the applied air control signal pressure is reduced. When the pressure is reduced to a certain pressure value, the main valve is reversed; the differential pressure control is to make the main spool reversing under the pressure difference between the two ends.

The gas-controlled reversing valve is divided into two main forms: the cut-off type and the slide type according to the main valve structure. The structure and working principle of the spool type air control reversing valve are basically the same as those of the hydraulic reversing valve. Here we mainly introduce the cut-off type directional control valve.