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The main identification method of common automatic gearbox

- Feb 12, 2019 -

1. Transmission nameplate identification method

     Usually there is a small metal nameplate on the gearbox housing, which is usually marked with the name, model number, production serial number code and torque converter specifications of the automatic transmission. The nameplate can therefore be used to identify the automatic transmission model.

2. Car nameplate identification method

     At present, some cars have automobile nameplates in the engine room, the cab, the doorpost, etc. The nameplate generally identifies the manufacturer's name, car model, body model, chassis model, engine model, transmission model, and factory number. The model of the automatic transmission can be identified by the contents on the car nameplate.

3. Shell label identification method

     Some parts of the gearbox housing and oil sump are marked with the model number at the time of production, so the model of the automatic transmission can be visually recognized.

4. Mercedes-Benz automatic transmission model identification method

     The automatic transmission of Mercedes-Benz is produced by its subsidiaries and its model number is expressed in the form of a digital code. The number is engraved on the side of the gearbox housing and a point above the joint surface of the oil pan. The 6-character character of "722XXX" in a long string of characters is the model of the automatic transmission.

5. Component feature recognition method

     The model of the automatic transmission is like the name of a person and is used to represent the object in communication. In automotive engineering, some characteristic components are commonly used to refer to a device. In order to distinguish and identify some models of automatic transmissions, it is often used to distinguish and identify the filter, oil pan, oil pan seal, number of solenoid valves and number of wire terminals with special shape and characteristics.

6. Gearbox structure feature recognition method

     In addition to the identification of the automatic transmission with the above-mentioned component features, it is also possible to distinguish and distinguish the automatic transmission based on some unique structural features of the automatic transmission. For example, the Nissan Maxima RE4F04A automatic transmission with the oil sump on the top, the BMW or Opel 4L30E automatic transmission with one large and two oil sump, and the 722.502 five-speed automatic transmission with the extended casing of the Mercedes S320 sedan. The solenoid valve body of the Chrysler 4ITE (A604) automatic transmission, the oil sump on the front side of the Mazda 626 sedan GF4A-EL automatic transmission and so on.

     The automatic transmission is an important part of the vehicle's power transmission. The automatic transmission replaces the original manual transmission, which improves the reliability and stability of power transmission. There are many types of automatic transmissions, which should be selected according to the specific conditions. The different types of automatic transmission control mechanisms meet the requirements of different models, and the model identification of different types of automatic transmissions is not the same.