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What is the role of automotive valve exhaust?

- Jul 27, 2018 -

The valve exhaust for modification is mainly to change the sound volume of the exhaust pipe. The advantage of this exhaust gas is that it can switch the sound size. It is very small to run the high-speed into the community to close the valve. It is comfortable to drive long distances. The sound will open the valve, and the sound waves will come out one after another. At present, the valve exhaust is more suitable for the national conditions.

The sound of the valve closing the exhaust pipe is relatively small, and the sound of the valve opening the exhaust pipe becomes larger like the sound of a sports car. Valve exhaust is controlled by the remote control, of course, there are various control methods such as mobile APP control and automatic speed control. When the remote control presses the ON button, a wireless signal is transmitted to the controller of the valve, and the controller sends a command to open the valve. The controller needs power supply, and it is generally suitable to use ACC power.

The valve needs to be powered on. The mechanical valve relies on suction to open the valve. Where does this suction come from? Connect to the engine vacuum tube or the controller comes with a vacuum pump to generate suction. The electric valve is used to change the sound by turning the motor to open the valve.