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Common Faults And Investigation Of Solenoid Valve

- May 23, 2018 -

1, solenoid valve wiring head loose or thread off, solenoid valve can not be electricity, can fasten the thread.

2, the solenoid valve coil burned, the wiring of the solenoid valve can be removed and measured with multimeter. If the circuit is opened, the solenoid valve coil is burnt out. The reason is that the coil is dampened, resulting in poor insulation and magnetic leakage, resulting in excessive current in the coil and burning. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent rain from entering the solenoid valve. In addition, the spring is excellent, the reaction force is too large, the number of turns of the coil is too small, and the suction is not enough to make the coil burn down. During emergency handling, the manual button on the coil can be hit from the "0" position to the "1" position, so that the valve is opened.

3, solenoid valve stuck: the valve sleeve of the solenoid valve and the valve core of the matching gap is very small (less than 0.008mm), is generally a single piece assembly, when there are mechanical impurities into or too little lubricating oil, it is easy to hold. The processing method can be inserted into the small hole of the head by steel wire, so that it can bounce back. The fundamental solution is to remove the solenoid valve, remove the spool and spool sleeve, and clean it with CCI4, making the valve core flexible in the valve sleeve. When dismantling, we should pay attention to the assembly order and external connection position of the components so as to reassemble and connect the wiring correctly. It is also necessary to check whether the spray hole of the oil mist is blocked and the lubricating oil is sufficient.

4, air leakage: air leakage will cause insufficient air pressure, making the opening and closing of the forced valve difficult, the reason is the seal gasket damage or slide valve wear and tear and cause a few cavity channeling gas. When dealing with the malfunction of the solenoid valve in the switching system, the appropriate time should be chosen to deal with the solenoid valve when it is out of power. If the processing is not finished in a switching gap, the switching system can be suspended and handled in a leisurely manner.