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Selection Principle Of Solenoid Valve 2

- May 23, 2018 -

Selection principle of solenoid valve 2

1. Pipe parameters

1) select the valve port and type according to the requirement of media flow and the way of pipe connection.

2) select nominal diameter according to Kv value of flow and valve, and also choose inner diameter of pipe.

3) work pressure difference: the minimum working pressure difference above 0.04Mpa is an indirect pilot, and the minimum working pressure difference is close to or less than zero.

2. Environmental conditions

1) the highest and minimum temperature of the environment should be selected within the permitted scope.

2) in the environment where relative humidity is high and water droplets are dripping, we should choose waterproof solenoid valves.

3) in the environment, special varieties, such as marine solenoid valves, should be selected for occasions such as vibration, bump and impact.

4) in corrosive or explosive environments, the use of corrosion resistance should be preferred according to safety requirements.

5) if the environment space is restricted, multi-functional solenoid valves should be selected, which eliminates bypass and three manual valves and is convenient for on-line maintenance.