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The Difference Between The Electric Valve And The Solenoid Valve

- May 23, 2018 -

The difference between the electric valve and the solenoid valve:

The solenoid valve is an electromagnetic coil which produces magnetic force to attract the pressure of the spring to drive the valve core. As a solenoid coil, the structure is simple and the price is cheap, so the switch can only be realized.

Electric valve is driven by electric motor stem, drive the spool action, electric valve is divided (shut off valve) and regulating valve. The shutoff valve is the two - bit type of work, namely, full open and all off, the adjustment valve is installed on the top of the electric valve positioner, through closed loop adjustment to make the valve dynamic stability in a position.

switch form:

The solenoid valve is driven by the coil, which can only be opened or closed, and the action time of the switch is short.

Electric valve actuation is usually done by motor, open or close action. It needs a certain amount of time to simulate, and can be adjusted.