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The Performance Requirements Of The Solenoid Valve

- May 23, 2018 -

1. commutation performance

Under the specified working conditions, whether the solenoid valve can be reliably reversed after energizing, and whether the solenoid valve can be reset reliably after power failure.

2. pressure loss

The pressure loss of the electromagnetic reversing valve is composed of the flow loss and throttling loss generated by the flow of the fluid through the valve port of the electromagnetic reversing valve.

3. internal leakage

The internal leakage of electromagnetic reversing valve refers to the amount of leakage from high pressure chamber to low pressure chamber under different working conditions under specified working conditions.

4. commutation and reset time

From the time required for the switching of the electromagnetic iron to the spool, the reset time is the time needed to recover the initial position from the electromagnetic failure to the spool.

5. commutation frequency

Maximum commutation times allowed in unit time

6. service life

The solenoid valve is used to the damage of the main parts and parts. It can not carry out normal reversing and reset movements, or the main performance index of the valve is obviously worse than the changing times of the specified index.